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Are you looking for sears tires information? The following articles may give you sufficient information on sears tires. Before take up particularly about sears tires, this introduction about sears holding company is recommended.

Sears Holdings Corporation History and Achievement.

Sears Holding Corporation has become one of the biggest broad-line retailers in United States and Canada. The reason is simply because they have more than 4000 full-line as well as specialty retail stores make them as the nation’s fourth biggest retailers in US. You can find their symbol with “SHLD” in NASDAQ.
Kmart and Sears merger as Sears Holding Corporation took place at march 2005. Now they runs through the following subsidiaries respectively Sears, Roebuck and Co. and Kmart Corporation. This kind of configuration result in great achievement, at 2011 Sears Holding Company awarded as ENERGY STAR® of the year. They are the most complete provider of home appliances and tools. Moreover consumer electronic, lawn and garden as well as automotive repair and maintenance are also the products that are very easy to find at sears holding company.

You will find high quality product here due to of their product are supplied by wide range of famous brand for instance, Kenmore, Craftsman and DieHard. Various famous and quality brands you can be easily found here including, the Apostrophe and Covington brands, Jaclyn Smith and Joe Boxer and even Lands’ End. Additionally Sears and Kmart offered Country Living Collection.

Hoffman Estates, Ill is the headquarters of the Company’s now. With remarkable results of more than 11 million service calls gained annually, make Sears Corporation become one of the biggest companies in providing of home services. Keeping the trust of the customer and maintain good relationship with customers has become the first priority of sears corporation. Surely this can be created by providing a good quality product and services as well as supported with great teamwork, positive energy and integrity.

Things You Should Know About Sears Tires

This article will give you quick information about Sears Tires and guides to understand more about the products. I hope this article can help you deciding which Sears Tires you will go. The discussion will be categorized the Sears Tires based on the type, and then some pros and cons for each type. The type of the tires can be divided by some factors, such as; performance, the type of the car the tire will be used, or the special usage factors. But, this article will explain to you the type of Sears Tires based on the performance.

If we look on performance factor, the Sears Tires types can be categorized into three portions, which are All Season Tires, Second Performance All Season Tires, and Ultra High Performance All season Tires.

The first portion is All Season Tires. Others may recognize it as all weather tires. These Sears Tires can be used for most passenger cars. In fact, when you purchasing new vehicles, generally they will come with All Season Tires. The advantage is the tires are good for all year long, and all condition of weather. You will also get fine traction and lowest tread wear with these tires. In term of the price, All Season Tires are known as one of the most economic prices in the market. However, the tires have not high controlled handling if you used them in extreme weather condition such as extreme wet or snowy roads. Thus for them who live in area with extreme weather, you should consider other types of Sears Tires. Let’s talk about the cost, for All Season Tires, you may spend $30 to $90 per tires. The prices are not too expensive for most families in the United States. All Season Tires can be found in sizes 13, 14, and 15 inches.

The second Sears Tires is Performance All Season Tires. These tires will provide you better handling for extreme weather, and they suit for wet and snowy roads. You will get better traction by using these Performance All Season Tires. But you will lose some ride comfort as well, since the materials for these tires are softer in order to increase the traction. For the cost, Performance All Season Tires will cost you from $50 to $140 per wheel. You can get them in sizes 15, 16, and 17 inches. Not all cars are suitable for these tires, these Sears Tires are best for some passenger cars, light trucks, or SUV vehicles.

The last portion is Ultra High Performance All Season Tires. Not all vehicles need to use these kinds of tires. They are perfectly suitable for sports cars and other types of high performances cars since these tires will give you greatest control and handling. Moreover, Ultra High Performance All Season Tires are best for cornering. The cars can increase the speed rating easily with these tires. However, these tires have the quickest tread tires, and it is not advisable to use them in very wet or snowy roads. The prices of these tires usually are ranging from $80 to $180. In addition, you may cost more money if you only have small rims. Ultra High Performance All Season Tires are available in 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 inches. The tires can be used for passenger cars, SUV cars, and light trucks.

Sears Promo Code-The wise way to save your money

The way to save many are vary and so many alternative than can be applied. The theory and concept can be easily found everywhere i.e in internet. When buying everything such as food, household items, clothing as well as other necessities it is recommended that you spend your money wisely for those items. If you purchase your necessities at sears you may look for the promo codes. Even though this promo codes only applicable at sears, yet you don’t need to worry because at sears you can buy many items.

Buy Sears Tires and others product using Promo Codes

There are so many products that you can buy at sears. You can buy Sears tires, appliances, tools, jewelry, healthcare products, books, clothing, fitness equipments and so many others valuable product can be found at sears at ease. And even you can buy a gift for your friends or for your special one. The amazing benefits that you can get via sears promo codes absolutely discount from most of the product offered in sears. Therefore you can save a certain amount of your money.

The easiest way to find your promo code is by searching through internet. Just simply open your search engine then type the keyword of sears promo code. There are so many promo codes or coupon code available that you can select.

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